Sputtering, PLD & Vacuum PVD targets by Vritra Technologies

High purity sputtering targets, PLD targets and PVD targets of metal/semiconductor/ alloy/compounds/ ceramic


Sputtering is the method used in deposition of uniform thin films. The process involves bombardment of ionized atoms of gas like Argon, Nitrogen, oxygen etc to the surface of target material that is to be deposited. This bombardment results in transfer of momentum from gas ions to the atoms of target material providing them sufficient energy to dislocate from their lattice and fall on the surface that is being deposited. Since the film is deposited atom by atom, it exhibits excellent uniformity and adherence to the surface. Usually Noble gases are used in sputtering systems but reactive gases are also used sometimes where dislocated target atoms reacts with gas ions before getting deposited to the surface.

Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) systems like sputtering systems are also used for the deposition of thin films but the difference between the two methods is how target atoms are excited. Typically PLD uses energy of Nd:YAG laser to vaporize a target material which is deposited as a thin film on the desired surface.

Our metal & alloy targets are manufactured by Vacuum Melting or Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) and ceramic targets are produced through Hot Pressed Sintering process. All targets are manufactured using proper procedure to satisfy your specific application necessities. Our sputtering, PLD and PVD targets are available in a wide range of compositions, purity levels, shapes and dimensions.

We also supply sputtering targets with bonding plates

A Target with bonding plate have performance advantage over a Target without bonding plate. In R & D it is recommended to use target with bonding plate as it protects the target from excessive heating and breaking (Click here to read why sputtering target cracks). A target with bonding will have longer working life and can withstand a higher power input that may help in achieving an enhanced sputtering rate. Although bonded targets are bit expensive but the repeatability of thin film parameters are better achieved in bonded targets than targets without bonding.

Our targets have:
  • Smooth Surface
  • no pores
  • no scratches
  • no cutting marks
  • Purity > 99.9%
  • Vacuum Packaging
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