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Quartz glass consists of silica (SiO2) in amorphous form. It differs from traditional glass in which additives are added to lower the melting point. Due to high purity, Quartz plates have higher melting point. Quartz also offer superior optical properties than ordinary glass like ultraviolet transmittance. Due to these properties, it find applications in semiconductor and optical device fabrication. Also due to its high melting point and low thermal expansion it is used for making crucibles for high temperature furnaces .

Properties of Quartz substrate
Product type Quartz glass plate/disc
Density 2.2g/cm3
Hardness 4.8×107Pa(N/m2)
Coefficient of thermal expansion (20℃-300℃) 5.5×10-7cm/cm℃
Thermal conductivity (20℃) 1.4W/m℃
Specific heat(20℃) 660J/kg℃
Softening point 1730℃
Short time working temperature 1250℃
Long time working temperature 1050℃
Optical Transmittance range (JGS1) 180-2500nm
Optical Transmittance range (JGS2) 200-2500nm
Optical Transmittance range (JGS3) 260-3500nm
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